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What They Say:
We thank our clients who have taken the time to send us feedback as to how we are doing. The greatest form of advertising is word of mouth--and we encourage and thank our clients for recommending our process to their friends, family and colleagues.

"Thanks Kevin for helping me with my Disability Income Protection plan. As a surgeon, knowing I have the best non-cancellable, own-occupation policy gives me peace-of-mind knowing our lifestyle, income and assets are protected. You explained all of the different options and riders available and helped me make the best choices for me and my Family. Thanks for making it an easy process...you know my buddies coming up from residency will be coming your way for their policies and planning!"

Bryan L. Reuss, M.D., Orlando Orthopaedic Surgeon, Specializing in Sports Medicine
Jessica Reuss, Trilogy Advisors

"It is a pleasure to recommend Kevin Masih and the Westshore Financial Group. We were introduced to Kevin in January of 2004. Since then he has been helping us to financial freedom.

A complete, in-depth assesment of our finances were made, then a personalized financial model was put into place. Kevin's clear and organized approach has us on "auto-pilot" to our goals. In fact, we never dreamed of owning our beach front paradise this soon! Kevin showed us how this could happen.

He is continuously following up and reassessing what is best for us. His personal touch is above and beyond our expectations of a financial specialist."

Dr. Rodney Horvat
Valerie Horvat & Children

"My wife and I originally met with Kevin (WFG) in hopes that he would be able to help with our financial organization. The process has done that and much more. Now my family not only has the financial organization, we also have a short and long term plan for financial and family security. Working with Kevin was comfortable, easy and he was always willing to accommodate our busy schedules. Every meeting was extremely productive and the process had a very logical progression. Kevin answered all of our questions and my wife and I never felt any pressure to make decisions. We were just presented options and suggestions that best suited our personal situation. Thank you from all of us."

The Goldin's
Nicole (age 7), Benjamin (age 5), Emily (age 3)
Jennifer - Family Practice Physician (MD and Personal Business Owner)
Mark - Vice President, R&D and Operations for AOI Medical (Biomedical Engineer and Serial Entrepreneur)

"Thank you for your patience and for all the knowledge you have given to us while guiding us through this financial process.

We feel more confident about our future and will keep learning and adpating as we move forward. We are comfortable working with you. Your friendly, relaxed, and thorough approach works well for us."

Danny Chang, Engineer
Rosario Iribarren-Chang & Children

"The process was very beneficial for our family. The reason we took the time to go through it was because it covered every area of our finances, all of our insurance, our investments, and other protections such as our Will. During the recent hurricanes my wife told me she was much less worried because she knew we had everything in order. We also have a much better plan for our future and our kid's future. Kevin was knowledgeable, informative, and was not high pressure throughout the process. I wish we had done this 10 years ago but its never too late to start."

Brian Schumacher, Bio-Medical Engineer-Ortheon
Karen Schumacher, Interior Designer

"Hannah and I have worked with several financial advisors/planners. Kevin Masih is by far the best.

Kevin covered every financial detail in our life. My wife and I never felt any pressure. We were just presented options and suggestions that best suited our financial future. I suggest you meet with Kevin. Believe me it's worth your weight in gold."

Luke Wickham, Tennis Professional/Real Estate Investor
Hannah Wickham, Marketing Manager, Brasfield & Gorrie

"Their service has made me address important things that as a professional athlete you take for granted or have little time to deal with. Kevin's personal care along with the time he commits to his clients have been a valuable asset to myself and family. He not only has made trips to my residence for signatures, questions and updates, but also takes time to follow up on all of his work. I look forward to working further with Kevin and building a strong relationship with him and the team he works with."

Jarrod Skalde, National Hockey League

"We initially called Westshore Financial Group because we were interested in obtaining advice on our life insurance and estate planning needs. Kevin Masih was easy to work with, and we love the fact that we are much more aware of our financial state. In our several meetings with Kevin, he provided us a framework within which we were able to see not only how we were already managing our finances, but ways in which we can do better to prepare for retirement and/or the unexpected. Kevin helped us develop a realistic and comprehensive plan to meet our financial goals by addressing current weaknesses in our plan and building on financial strengths. He has especially helped us maximize the protection of our assets. We look forward to working with Kevin in the future."

Sean Doherty, Senior Transportation Engineer, PBS&J
Cheryl Doherty, Project Manager, PBS&J

"Kevin, I want to thank you for the valuble service you have brought to me and my family. Your gentle yet dilligent approach helped me in areas that I'd never have time to do alone. We sleep better at night knowing that we have implemented a plan designed to work under all circumstances.

Janis and I both appreciate the fact that you and Westshore Financial Group did not pressure us--yet your knowledge and guidance made it easy to take action.

Also, we were very pleased with the attorney you referred us to. Having just had our first child, we knew we needed a will but did not know the benefits of a trust.

I'm sure we are like most families--too busy for our own good. We would have been a disaster waiting to happen if we didn't work with you. Let's play some tennis or golf soon."

Shawn Maslow
Janis Maslow, Matthew Maslow

"My wife and I are very pleased with our relationship with WFG (Kevin). They did more than setup our financial future, they educated us on the best way we can accomplish our goals. We now have a complete financial model that encompasses more than our investments; it includes improving our insurance coverage, reducing our tax liability, and planning for a family. What Kevin and the team did in just a couple of months will benefit us for the rest of our lives. My wife and I will continue to work with WFG to ensure our financial model stays on track. "

Kris Tietig, Real Estate Agent, Farm & Grove Realty
Mary Jo Tietig, Engineer, Progress Energy

"I want to thank Kevin for introducing my wife and I to the process. Being an engineer, it makes logical sense to me. The process pulls all of my family's financial aspects into one program that summarizes where we needed more or less coverage or where to invest in our future. We had been procrastinating about drawing up a will, but once we saw the importance of having a will and the impact it would make to our plan we had it done immediately. My family feels much more secure now knowing that we have items such as the will and life insurance in place. The process is like no other that I have seen or heard about and I suggest you meet with Kevin and learn a little more about it for yourself. "

Steve McWilliams, Civil Engineer, PBS&J

"It makes me feel good that someone is taking interest in my financial future. Kevin and the team at WFG are very patient in explaining what my money can do. I feel very confident in having them manage my plan. I would highly recommend their services. "

Merle Baylor, Jr., MRI Technician, Lake Mary

"My husband and I first contacted WFG because we were interested in assessing our life insurance needs. We had several changes in our businesses and assets during the year, and felt we were probably under-insured. Not only did we benefit from the low cost life insurance options, but we also spent a great deal of time working with a financial team on a Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process. During our meetings, the team helped us analyze our goals for our business, home and retirement and develop clear steps for reaching those goals. In just a few short months, we've already increased our financial assets and learned how to grow and protect our assets in the future. "

Randy Kopelman, Business Owner
Cindi Kopelman, President, Shepherd's Hope, Inc.

"Thank you Kevin for all your help (insurance, wills/trusts). We now have a better understanding on the importance of life insurance as it relates to our retirement income. "

Zafir Abdelrahman, Pharmacist
Soheila Mohamadan, Pharmacist

"WFG has gone through all the financial details of our household and have come up with such great pieces of information that we were not even aware of. It is not just a matter of investing--I have not even reached that part--but it is first a matter of how ones car, life insurance, personal umbrella policies, home owners insurance, wills are set up. I have saved money by doing what they have said and got more value and options for my money. I would suggest you talk to them."


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